Here you will find an array of free web buttons, templates, clickable maps, icons, and other digital relics leftover from my web projects. Use or modify them freely for your own personal or commercial projects.


Free Clickable U.S. Maps For WebsitesFree Clickable U.S. Maps For Websites

Clickable U.S. Maps For Websites is a series of compact size, professionally designed U.S. maps in various colors created by hand in Photoshop that are useful for creating store locators or for other website use. The HTML image map code is included with the download. The maps are gif format and all HTML source code is included. The Photoshop .PSD files are also available if you want to change the designs. These U.S. maps are ideal for websites with limited space.
Free Clickable U.S. Maps for Websites

1000 free web bullets NEW! 1,000+ Free Web Bullets

This set of 1000+ free web bullets come in both gif and Photoshop PSD format so that you can modify the background color and effects. This growing collection of symbols, arrows, entities, diamond shaped bullets, square bullets, religious symbol bullets, animal bullets, circular bullets, and other images are provided for free in zip files for download.
1,000+ Free Web Bullets

Gummy Candy Web Buttons - Reflective, Semi-reflectiveGummy Candy Web Buttons - Reflective, Semi-reflective

I call these Gummy Candy Web Buttons because they have a sort of jelly look. These were created a few years back and were only used in a limited fashion on one project that is no longer active. With the download you receive all the buttons seen here so that you can modify the appearance, size, color, and replace "button" with your own text. This set includes plastic buttons, bubbled, foggy glass, and the original Gummy curved website buttons, For Photoshop beginners this is a pretty simple to work with and a great way to learn the basics for how create semi-reflective surfaces or a jelly look. If you are interested in obtaining these website buttons the Photoshop file has all the layers grouped and separated for easy editing. Make any color button you want and on any background.
Gummy Candy Web Buttons

5 Star Review Icons5 Star Review Icons / 5 Star Rating Images

A collection of 5 star rating icons .gif used to rate content, comments or posts on websites. These 5 star review icons are 17 x 17 pixels. Colors include yellow - 5 gold stars review, green, red, purple, and blue rating stars. Half stars are also provided along with half-star ratings. The s review stars were used in several projects with one still in use. All stars were hand created using Photoshop, but the .gif versions are only available now.
5 Star Review Icons / 5 Star Rating Images

Cosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web TemplateCosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web Template

This template effectively separates elements into independently usable "chunks" of code that can modified. This makes it easier to identify editable regions inside the code. Old school methods for building sites like these tend to combine everything in one or two main HTML tables that can lead to difficulty later. The 4 main independent HTML embedded table regions that are commented in code view are: Banner (top), Navigation, Body Text Content, and Right-Side Ads or links. The names might be slightly different but you can easy spot them in the source code. This is not the easiest HTML Web Template to work with for beginners, but a fun starter Web page to tinker around with if you are feeling creative and don't mind "tabled" templates. By no means is this template a finished piece. I will need polishing in many areas to include the coding itself.
Cosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web Template

Blue Web Template with TabsBlue Web Template with Tabs

This Blue Template with Tabs was by far a favorite version out of a series of 4 created. Subtle shades of blue compliment content extremely well to allow content you add to speak for itself. The original version was a gray template created based on a specific request for a light gradient, "clean, gray, light colored, professional looking design..." This template maintains the clean appearance and more uniform shades of blue within the same color range. This is a true relic. The files you will receive are the complete HTML, CSS, and all images.
Blue Web Template with Tabs

Free Clickable Maps of the the State of FloridaFree Clickable Maps of the the State of Florida

These original clickable maps of Florida are used as interactive Florida maps for websites that need a professionally designed look. These maps are used on websites for users to click on counties or cities to bring listings of information like "Find a Retailer or Services Near You". The Florida Customizable version comes with the Photoshop Files (.psd) for complete customization so that you can make unlimited modifications. These maps are ideal for showing regions since the .psd files allow you to change the colors of individually layered counties, borders, text and cities. Need to hide or show more cities ? With the Florida Map Photoshop files you can add as many cities as you like or hide all of them by simply changing layer visibility. The HTML image map source code is provided with a sample template so that you can quickly add the map of your choice to your website in minutes.
Free Clickable Maps of the State of Florida

Desaturated Web ButtonsDesaturated Web Buttons

This is a set of colorless web buttons with a semi-metallic appearance. Included in this set are silver, dark gray metallic, painted white, and flat black painted metal. Provided with this button set is is the original Photoshop file .psd for easy editing. For Photoshop beginners this is a pretty simple set to work with. Simply follow the link below to review this button set, and to download the .zip file.
Desaturated Web Buttons

A Yellow and Blue Web TemplateA Yellow and Blue Web Template

GoldenBlue is a professional yellow & blue web template that is easy to use or to modify. The template is an original two column design based on simple HTML specs. It has the flexibility to add an unlimited amount of content. Also the top navigation area has plenty of real estate to add more links and is search engine friendly using CSS for the mouseover effect so you don't ever need to worry about search engines finding your pages. The web design theme is intentionally open-ended making it ideal "as is" and with enough flexibility to modify the template to match your business identity even more within the Professional Series Website Package. The design can be refined by simply adding your own graphics, changing colors, modifying or removing the map, and/or unlimited possibilities with the included Photoshop .PSD file.
Yellow and Blue Web Template

Circular Glassy Web ButtonsCircular Glassy Web Buttons

These glassy web buttons are displayed on a white background, but the background can be changed within the original PSD file included. Colors on this set include pink glassy buttons, orange buttons, green glassy, blue, dollar sign Website icon and question mark web button.
Circular Glassy Web Buttons

Rustnilla - Pure Vanilla Rust

Rustnilla - Pure Vanilla Rust


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