Gummy Candy Web Buttons

This is a collection of Gummy Candy Web Buttons created in Photoshop. With the download you receive all the buttons seen here with the Photoshop .PSD so that you can modify the appearance, such as the size, color, and replace the text "button" with your own words. This set includes plastic buttons, foggy glass, and the original Gummy curved Website buttons. For Photoshop beginners this set is pretty simple to work with, and a great way to learn the basics for how create semi-reflective surfaces. If you are interested in obtaining these website buttons the Photoshop file has all the layers grouped and separated for easy editing. Make any color button you want on a background of your choice.
Gummy Candy Web Buttons
Created by: Hitguru
License: No redistribution. Free for personal or commercial use.
Details: Zip File / .PSD
Download: Gummy Web Buttons

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