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This Simple Content Management System (CMS) Website Template with Top Tabs is for Web developers that don't have time to design something from scratch and/or want a professional yet simple interface without breaking the bank. This is not a "cookie-cutter" design offered in other places on the Internet. This original design is only offered here. The mockup example presented here is a quick prototype for a fictitious intelligence related organization used sort of like a collaboration website. The text used on in this template is for layout purposes only. This template would probably be suitable for just about anything from elaborate infomration portals, company websites, ecommerce, to professional looking personal home pages or blogs. ~ This example and all pages / elements within are copyright © 2008 ~

Simple, CMS Style, Website Interface Design with TabsHow this Started
I receive frequent e-mails from people trying to build a custom website from scratch, "Where do I start?", "Do you have a simple framework to help me get started ?", etc. The hardest part of any web design project is the the time invested at the very beginning defining the framework, navigation layout, general look and feel, and many other factors. This starter template will save you time and aggravation when you consider what's involved starting from scratch.

Customize this Template for Your Business Needs
Once you license this template you can add your own logo, change color scheme, or change layout without any limitation. Remember this template is meant as a "starting point" or the groundwork for something even bigger~! This template is offered with the full understanding that you WILL modify to your heart's content. As far as modification is concerned, the sky is the limit. If you have questions you can E-mail: Refer to CMS002.

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CMS I Blue
CMS III Purple
CMS III Purple

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Blank website buttons below are included for HTML forms or other functions
Blank website buttons below are included for HTML forms or other functions
Browser Compatibility
This template was tested with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Forefox, and Opera without any issues. This design does not fully support old versions of Netscape Navigator prior to the 6.2 release in October 2001 but is still usable. The layout just loses some minor look & feel appeal. The source code uses TD BACKGROUND image attribute that is not fully supported by all browsers.

The files you will receive via a secure download link are the complete HTML, CSS, and all images. Licensing allows you to use this template for your business or organization. Licenses DO NOT expire. You can fully modify this template to suit your business needs after licensing. You may not redistribute or repackage this template in any fashion.

CMS Interface (Simple Gray) ID#CMS002 Secure Purchase (one URL) through PayPal:

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Price: $9.99
Licensing this template allows you permission to modify the template and use for your business.

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