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Fat Web ButtonsFat Web Buttons

This set of 30 fat web buttons come inside a standard Photoshop .psd file with flexibility to adjust color, saturation, and background in just a few steps, allowing you to make an unlimited number of variations. This series solves the problem of fitting long text on buttons since they can accommodate 2 lines of text. This set also features the ability to add icons inside the left-side space provided on each button.
Fat Web Buttons

Gummy Candy Web Buttons - Reflective, Semi-reflectiveGummy Candy Web Buttons - Reflective, Semi-reflective

I call these Gummy Candy Website Buttons because they have a sort of jelly look. These were created a few years back and were only used in a limited fashion on one project that is no longer active. With the download you receive all the buttons seen here so that you can modify the appearance, size, color, and replace "button" with your own text. This set includes plastic buttons, bubbled, foggy glass, and the original Gummy curved website buttons, For Photoshop beginners this is a pretty simple to work with and a great way to learn the basics for how create semi-reflective surfaces or a jelly look. If you are interested in obtaining these website buttons the Photoshop file has all the layers grouped and separated for easy editing. Make any color button you want and on any background.
Gummy Candy Web Buttons

Desaturated Web ButtonsDesaturated Web Buttons

This is a set of desaturated web buttons with a soft metallic appearance. Included in this set are silver, dark gray metallic, painted white, and dull black metal. Provided with this button set is is the original Photoshop file .psd for easy editing. For Photoshop beginners this is a pretty simple set to work with.
Desaturated Web Buttons

Colorful Glassy Web ButtonsColorful Glassy Web Buttons

This is a set of colorful glassy web buttons created in Photoshop. With the download you receive all the buttons so that you can insert your own text in the Photoshop .PSD file. For Photoshop beginners this is a pretty easy set to work with and a great way to learn how to make reflections and to see one approach for making a glassy appearance. These buttons like others offered on HitGuru, are meant as a resource for anyone building websites.
Colorful Glassy Web Buttons

Jointed Free Web Interface ButtonsJointed Free Web Interface Buttons

Jointed Free Web Interface Buttons display an interesting effect when used in conjunction with embedded tables. This can be accomplished by setting the table cellspacing to "1" with a contrasting color in the background cell. This makes it look like there is a thin defining line around your buttons giving them a jointed look. I used black in the HTML background table so there appears to be a distinct joint between the buttons in the interface. This could be done using CSS border as well. Directions are provided for how to achieve the look.
Jointed Free Web Interface Buttons

White and Clean-Looking Web ButtonsWhite and Clean-Looking Web Buttons

These white and clean looking web buttons are perfect for just about any user interface that strives for a clean and streamlined look. Each button uses just a subtle amount of gradient to provide a slightly raised effect. The Photoshop PSD file contains 6 elements: small button with inset arrow, skinny button, arrow pointing left, arrow pointing right, full button, and large button.
White and Clean-Looking Web Buttons

Curved Web ButtonsCurved Web Buttons

These are curved web buttons for web projects. The original Photoshop file available for download (.psd) for this set. These web buttons come in 5 color variations that can also be adjusted to any color and resized if needed. Change the "button" text to say anything you like and change the font style to an appearance that compliments the overall look of your website. Colors included: blue, purple, orange, green, and red.
Curved Web Buttons

Simple Web Buttons With Slight Gradient & ShadowSimple Web Buttons With Slight Gradient & Shadow

This is a set of Simple Web Buttons With Slight Gradient & Shadow. 9 color variations on white background are provided in .gif format. If you need different sizes or colors the Photoshop file is available below. This will allow you to create any background color you choose or change any aspect of the button's appearance. The following are included in this set: semi-metallic blue button, semi-Metallic green button, dark gray button, metallic maroon button, subtle yellow button, royal blue button, magenta button, turquoise button and subtle orange button.
Simple Web Buttons With Slight Gradient & Shadow

Circular Glassy Web ButtonsCircular Glassy Web Buttons

These circular glassy web buttons are displayed on a white background for this preview only, but the background can be changed within the original PSD file included. The Photoshop file provides one example button, but by changing hue and saturation, colors can be achieved such as pink glassy buttons, orange buttons, green glassy, blue, and more. Experiment with this PSD to create your own unique buttons.
Circular Glassy Website Buttons

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