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Free Clickable U.S. Maps For WebsitesFree Clickable U.S. Maps For Websites

Clickable U.S. Maps For Websites is a series of compact size, professionally designed U.S. maps in various colors created by hand in Photoshop that are useful for creating store locators or for other website use. The HTML image map code is included with the download. The maps are gif format and all HTML source code is included. The Photoshop .PSD files are also available if you want to change the designs. These U.S. maps are ideal for websites with limited space.
Free Clickable U.S. Maps for Websites

Free Clickable Maps of FloridaFree Clickable Maps of the the State of Florida

These original clickable maps of Florida are used as interactive Florida maps for websites that need a professionally designed look. These maps are used on websites for users to click on counties or cities to bring listings of information like "Find a Retailer or Services Near You". The Florida Customizable version comes with the Photoshop Files (.psd) for complete customization so that you can make unlimited modifications. These maps are ideal for showing regions since the .psd files allow you to change the colors of individually layered counties, borders, text and cities. Need to hide or show more cities ? With the Florida Map Photoshop files you can add as many cities as you like or hide all of them by simply changing layer visibility. The HTML image map source code is provided with a sample template so that you can quickly add the map of your choice to your website in minutes.
Free Clickable Maps of Florida

Clickable Maps of The United KingdomMaps of the UK for Websites / Clickable Maps of United Kingdom

This is a set of five (5) custom designed maps of the United Kingdom (UK) with clickable image map HTML source included. The download includes the Photoshop files for each map version you see below: Blue, Green, Multicolored, White, Effects. These original PSD files allow you to modify any aspect of the map to inlcude colors, effects, colorizing regions, adding numbered locations, and so on. You also get the 5 maps seen below in JPG format in case you don't want to work inside Photoshop and just want to quickly place the map on your website. The watermark is removed in all licensed versions.
Clickable Maps of The United Kingdom


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