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Cosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web TemplateCosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web Template

This template effectively separates elements into independently usable "chunks" of code that can modified. This makes it easier to identify editable regions inside the code. Old school methods for building sites like these tend to combine everything in one or two main HTML tables that can lead to difficulty later. The 4 main independent HTML embedded table regions that are commented in code view are: Banner (top), Navigation, Body Text Content, and Right-Side Ads or links. The names might be slightly different but you can easy spot them in the source code. This is not the easiest HTML Web Template to work with for beginners, but a fun starter Web page to tinker around with if you are feeling creative and don't mind "tabled" templates. By no means is this template a finished piece. I will need polishing in many areas to include the coding itself.
Cosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web Template

Blue Web Template with TabsBlue Web Template with Tabs

This Blue Template with Tabs was by far a favorite version out of a series of 4 created. Subtle shades of blue compliment content extremely well to allow content you add to speak for itself. The original version was a gray template created based on a specific request for a light gradient, "clean, gray, light colored, professional looking design..." This template maintains the clean appearance and more uniform shades of blue within the same color range. This is a true relic. The files you will receive are the complete HTML, CSS, and all images.
Blue Web Template with Tabs

Small Relic 1.0 CyberBlue Web TemplateSmall Width Relic 1.0 Cyber Blue Web Template

This simple relic, small width, blue website template comes with all HTML, images, and the original Photoshop file (.PSD) to allow you full control over look and feel. Change the color, layout, or any part of this template. Or you can simply use the complete package "as is" because this is a fully functional website template. In the download the banner is left blank for your own logo and/or text placement.
Small Relic Cyber Blue Web Template

Medium Width Cyber Green Original Web TemplateMedium Width Cyber Green Original Web Template

The Medium Width Cyber Green Website Template is an original design and comes with all HTML, images, and the Photoshop template (.PSD) to allow you to fully customize the look and feel to suit your business. Modify the color, layout, or any part of this template. Or you can simply use the complete package "as is" because this is a fully functional professional website template suitable for almost any purpose.
Medium Width Cyber Green Original Web Template

Black Web Template With TabsBlack Web Template With Tabs

This is a crisp black website template is for any type of project that wants a very image content focused design rather than having a template that distracts visitors from the important information you need to convey on your web pages. As you may know it's frequently the imagery that accompanies text that really draws-in your visitors. Black backgrounds are perfect for emphasizing vivid imagery and text because colors really stand out on black backgrounds. The combination of factors: clean design, subtle navigation elements, vivid imagery strategically placed in and around text, etc. create a nice backdrop. The top tabs utilize background images with anchor text for user friendly and spiderable content pages.
Black Web Template With Tabs

A Yellow and Blue Web TemplateA Yellow and Blue Web Template

GoldenBlue is a professional yellow & blue website template that is easy to use or to modify. The template is an original two column design based on simple HTML specs. It has the flexibility to add an unlimited amount of content. Also the top navigation area has plenty of real estate to add more links and is search engine friendly using CSS for the mouseover effect so you don't ever need to worry about search engines finding your pages. The web design theme is intentionally open-ended making it ideal "as is" and with enough flexibility to modify the template to match your business identity even more within the Professional Series Website Package. The design can be refined by simply adding your own graphics, changing colors, modifying or removing the map, and/or unlimited possibilities with the included Photoshop .PSD file.
Yellow and Blue Web Template

A Tabbed, Purple / Lavender Web TemplateA Tabbed, Purple / Lavender Web Template

This simple, tabbed, purple lavender web template has a fairly clean design. This web template comes with all the original HTML files, style sheet (CSS) with comments, and the Photoshop top banner file so you can add your company name and insert your logo . It's meant as a starter framework for beginning your own website design project. The framework is simple to use and new web designers should have little difficulty modifying it if you are familiar with 1.0 designs. This template is offered "as is" and without warranties of any kind.
Standard Size Page Loading Progress Bars

Light Blue Web Template with TabsLight Blue Web Template with Tabs

This Light Blue Web Template with Tabs is a starter web interface template framework that uses top tabs. This download contains a modifiable template that can be used as the web interface or a full web site. The top tabs provide the ability to stack your links in a row at the top of each page. You simply duplicate tabs to create more links. While this isn't my favorite template, I see some potential with modification. All files are included inside the zip file to include all HTML and CSS related files and images.
Light Blue Web Template with Tabs

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