Free Clickable U.S. Maps

These clickable U.S. maps are often used by web designers that want to create an interactive United States map on their web site. These are often used as store locator maps for a site's visitors to click on the their state to find retailers or for other purposes.

The HTML source code is included with the download. These maps do not rely on hard to update Flash. You simply add the U.S. map image to your website and copy/paste the HTML into your source. It's recommended you have a basic understanding of HTML before downloading. These maps can be modified to suit just about any type of project or website template because of the clean and compact design. The PSD files are offered to allow flexibility in making unlimited modifications so you can further customize the maps for multiple projects and to match your website. A live example is being used on Worklooker.

Free Clickable U.S. Map sample below (look & feel)
The curved lines watermark seen below do not appear in the download version.

Free Clickable U.S. Map

Standard clickable U.S. map colors that are included:
The Photoshop .PSD files are offered for designers that want full control over the look and feel of the maps. The example shown below took very little time to produce. Simply deselect layers, add effects, colorize, drop a background underneath, change font, etc. There is no limit to the modifications you can make.

Now available version 3 with regions and additional five PSD files. The files include all the state separations as from version 2 with optional Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

All Free Clickable U.S. Maps includedClickable map comes with the Photoshop psd for any level of customization.

The .psd file allows you full control to customize the map and each state is separated in case you need to colorize or add effects to individual states or regions!

Created by: Hitguru
License: No redistribution. Free for personal or commercial use.
Details: Zip File / Thirteen (13) U.S. maps .gif + eight (8) original layered Photoshop files (.PSD) + HTML source code. Completely layered Photoshop (.PSD) files allow you to make unlimited modifications. Each state is separated into individual layers to change the colors or effects of each state if needed. Now available with regions psd, colorized and raised effects. The new US Flag maps are now included as well. The HTML image map source code is provided to copy/paste and quickly post the map to your website.
Download: Free Clickable U.S. Maps For Websites

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