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Purple Content Management System (CMS) Template
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Purple Content Management System (CMS) Template

Purple Content Management System (CMS) TemplateThis is a Purple Content Management System (CMS) Template starter Web interface template framework that uses tabs at the top for navigation. This is not a fully functional content mangement system but a customizable website interface that can be used as the CMS template. I'm sure you've seen dozens of CMS out there but very few usable website templates available on the Internet emulate the look or basic architectural style of common Content Management Systems Web developers are looking for. If you are looking for a simple interface to start with, or the building blocks to add-on to your existing framework, feel free to license and use this template for your personal or business Web development needs.

How Did this CMS Template Originate ?
I receive frequent requests from friends & web designers asking me to create Starter Web templates like this one. Sometimes the most challenging part of Web design is where to even begin. A simple Interface Framework like this cms template example is a good place to begin just like the other Orignal Website Templates offered here . From a loosely drafted framework like this you can easily change layout, color, modify images or HTML elements to suit your specific project needs. Of course it will require a lot of additional work to make it into a fully functional website and you must have some basic HTML and/or CSS knowledge. I'm not offering this as a finished product by any means. It's offered "as is" without any warrantees of any kind.
New! Other Versions Also Available:
CMS I Blue
CMS I Blue
CMS III Purple

Can this Purple CMS Template Be Used As a Regular Website or Personal Website?
Yes. I call it a Purple CMS Template only because it sort of simulates the style of some content management system to some degree, but could be used for just about any type of Website. It has been tested with the latest versions of Netscape / Firefox / Internet Explorer but may not be supported by all browser types or all versions.

Other Colors and Layouts
If you are looking for other template colors or layouts E-mail:

The files you will receive via a secure download link are the complete HTML, CSS, and all images. Licenses DO NOT expire. You can fully modify this template to suit your business needs after licensing.

Secure Licensing (one URL) Through PayPal

License this Template Securely using PayPal Other payment options E-mail:

Purple CMS Template is $9.99

Licensing this template allows you permission to modify the template and use for your business.

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