Cosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web Template

This Cosmic Blue HTML template effectively separates elements into independently usable chunks of HTML code that can modified. This makes it easier to identify editable regions inside the code. Old school methods for building sites like these tend to combine everything in one or two main HTML tables that can lead to difficulty later. This template solves this problem. The 4 main independent HTML embedded table regions that are commented in code view are: Banner (top), Navigation, Body Text Content, and Right-Side Ads or links. The names might be slightly different but you can easy spot them in the source code. This is not the easiest HTML Web Template to work with for beginners, but a fun starter Web page to tinker around with if you are feeling creative and don't mind "tabled" templates. By no means is this template a finished piece. It will need polishing in many areas to include the coding itself.

Screenshot of Cosmic Blue HTML "Tabled" Web Template
Cosmic Blue HTML Tabled Web Template

Free Web Template Banners Included in the Download
The following is a series of Free Website Banners included with the Cosmic Blue Website Template. Several others are not shown here but appear inside the images folder of the downloaded file.

Free Web Template Banners Included in the Download
Created by: Hitguru
License: No redistribution. Free for personal or commercial use.
Details: Zip File / Comes with 13 + additional banners, original HTML file, template images, and Style Sheet file. 
Download: Cosmic Blue Web Template

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