A Yellow and Blue Web Template

This professional yellow and blue web template is easy to use or to modify. The template is an original two column design based on simple HTML specs. It has the flexibility to add an unlimited amount of content. Also the top navigation area has plenty of real estate to add more links and is search engine friendly using CSS for the mouseover effect so you don't ever need to worry about search engines finding your pages. The web design theme is intentionally open-ended making it ideal "as is" and with enough flexibility to modify the template to match your business identity even more within the Professional Series Website Package. The design can be refined by simply adding your own graphics, changing colors, modifying or removing the map, and/or unlimited possibilities.

Screenshot of this Yellow and Blue Web Template
Yellow and Blue Web Template

Created by: Hitguru
License: No redistribution. Free for personal or commercial use.
Details: Zip File / HTML, CSS, .PSD, and all images. 
Download: Yellow and Blue Web Template

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